Vikki Bauer JD

Real Estate Professional

Let me help you with the details of your next idea!

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About Me

After moving to Northern Idaho to be near children and grandchildren we have fallen in love with our life here.  I have personal and family experience in Real Estate investment and development. Understanding real estate is a natural extension of my interests in both land use and the local area. While serving as an elected official for many years I learned to value community, understand the planning process and some great negotiation skills. While completing a law degree later in life I learned to value ethics, how to spot problems in advance and how understand contracts.


The John L Scott office that I have joined here in Coeur d'Alene has made a wealth of resources available to me and has an outstanding staff to back me up. John L Scott is one of the largest and most successful regional Real Estate companies in the nation. We focus on relationships and giving back to our communities.


 Many variables play into your final decisions and I can help you define the problems and address those details. As a trained listener and a dedicated partner in your real estate transaction you will be able to count on me from start till finish. Please use me as a resource for any referrals as well. After growing up in a family of Real Estate professionals, appraisers and developers I have love of all things Real Estate.


Ask me your real estate questions.

Vikki Bauer JD

Let me help you with the details of your next idea!

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